Hi, I’m Mariquita…

I studied Greaterness Coaching for four years at Living Well Education under Dr. Micheal Scimeca (www.scimeca.com/coaching/). To continue keeping my work and skills fresh and balanced, I continue my education there regularly so that I can provide the best to my clients.

Through my years of coaching others, I have helped many clients through issues of self-esteem, boundary setting, self-love, relationship struggles, conflict resolution, letting go of guilt, and acceptance of death and loss. My clients find blessings in all life has to offer by seeking out the lesson each experience contains, and through that blessing, finding a new wholeness in their lives.

I was the Residential Treatment Coordinator for children ages 5-18 in a group home for six years. In this setting, I worked with both children and families, focusing on struggles with behavioral problems, interpersonal relationships, anger management, anxiety, boundaries, and all life situations that needed addressing and/or guidance. We also worked with reality therapy during this time to best center the focus on present relationships and addressing current behaviors to help the clients find a new balance together.

I have spent four years as a personal mentor for numerous adults and children with disabilities, teaching communication skills while assisting with home health care and activity coordination. Working with my clients helped them find the best use of their abilities and a fresh perspective of life and what it contains.

As a volunteer in a hospice, which I was for two years, I have offered compassionate support to families and clients as they face the difficulty of grief and loss. I worked to help these loving families find strength as we received death in a respectful manner.

I have over 10 years of experience in various branches of the social work field, meaning that I have seen families from the best of days to the absolute worst of days. I have always sought to reach out with care as I guide them through their personal challenges and create plans uniquely tailored to them on an individual and family level.

I have a certification through the Alcohol and Drug Studies Program at the University of New Mexico, as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Georgia.

Beyond that, I have been an avid foster dog mom who has worked with numerous animal rescue organizations. I enjoy camping, hiking, finding stillness, tree hugging, reading, supporting environmental causes, hand-coloring photographs, and being blessed by God and the Universe. I seek out the best in every moment, and I delight in helping others do the same!