Boundaries and Self-Love

Boundaries are created for respect and love. The word, “boundary” causes many reactions. Some might feel anxious, tense or afraid. Some might feel empowered! Boundaries bring peace and stability.
Self -love is a beautiful, amazing gift. Once we value ourselves and embrace our own beauty, we can protect ourselves by being in charge of what comes and goes in our lives. This is where the boundaries come in. We, first, learn about boundaries as children. Our parents set them in order for our protection and care. They provide us structure and peace. They take away the guessing games.

Boundaries are a way of communication. When we value ourselves, we are in charge of allowing only loving and productive elements into our lives. We are too beautiful and deserving of goodness to allow the opposite in.
In a couples relationship, for example, both people should be valued and respected. Each can be allowed to speak and think as they like. And each has the power to remove themselves from the situation once it becomes harmful. We don’t have to feel trapped as long as we have put the boundaries in place. If we don’t put the boundaries in place, we can create havoc and monsters. If we are verbally or physically abused and don’t take ourselves out of the environment, then we are saying, ” It is okay to treat me this way.” The abuser has been given permission to continue the behavior. Slowly by not having boundaries and self-love, a monster can be created. And then we turn around and wonder where this person came from. They developed because we allowed it…by our lack of self-love.
We are amazingly beautiful souls. We all have unique gifts to share with the Universe.We can look inside our hearts as a loving angel would. What would the loving angel say about us? What boundaries would our angel put in place in order to have a peaceful, love-filled life?
So often, we are deceived by society’s demands of perfection. We fail to embrace our beauty and gifts. They are within our souls and should be preserved. Self-love demands boundaries. We must be our own gate keepers to love and peace.

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