What is a Greaterness Coach?

I am a Greaterness Coach, which means I lead others to a new, liberating way of thinking. I provide a spark of newness in people’s lives, a spark which will get them jump-started into a Greater Life. I am here to teach people self-love and how to shine from their hearts and souls!

We all have everything we need inside us; we simply have to tap into it. I am an Explorer ready to partner with you to discover your Greater Self. We will take the hand of the Universe, and together, we will soar to new heights. I would be blessed to be a member of your success team!

Why choose Greaterness Coaching?

The first, and often most powerful, thing that Greaterness Coaching provides is that you will begin to see your life and Self from a whole new perspective, through someone else’s loving, motivating eyes. Sometimes we are blinded within our own struggles, too deeply mired to clearly see our own power and how to claim it. When provided with a fresh perspective through the eyes of someone else – especially a compassionate, non-judgmental person with experience helping others through these struggles – then together with that person, we can find a clear path to our goals.

As we work and sift through your perspective and a balanced view from the outside to find the hidden truths of your life, we will identify your specific challenges and formulate plans to transcend them. We will give a voice to your Greater Self, the one waiting to emerge! Through this exploration, we will find new talents you never knew were there and new paths to create the structure needed for you to move forward in any area of your life.

This is a highly personalized form of treatment, and we will develop mantras which are unique to you and your needs. Those mantras will help you develop new habits and clearer ways of seeing your life, utilizing strategies based around your brain’s operations and perceptions, as well as positive reinforcement.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and help you find success and wholeness!

How it works

We will begin our journey with a free 30-minute consultation. During that time, you can learn more about me and what I provide, and I can learn more about what needs I can help you fulfill.

After that, to work on bringing the needed spark into your life and seek out your Greater Self, we will meet once a week through phone, video call, or in person, whichever best fits your life and comfort level. This is flexible; you can use whichever method of contact fits your needs from week to week.

The charge is $48 for a 30-minute session or $95 for a 1-hour session. During these sessions, I will coach you through your greatest struggles in life and find the key points in life where you are being held back from finding your true Self and potential. We will work together to unlock that potential and draw you into wholeness.

I am also available for group coaching sessions, which are 1-hour sessions for five weeks, at a cost of $250 for 3-10 people. This can also be done through a conference call, video chat, or in person, according to the group’s needs.

I provide a 5% discount if you choose a 3-month package and a 10% discount if you choose a 6-month package.

I am also able to work with you to design a custom plan which best serves your needs. Money should not be a barrier between you and your Greater Self, and I am flexible and open to working with you to find a balanced treatment plan.